Venetian Blinds For Window

Venetian blinds for window are the best solution provider for any office partition. We can have formed these blinds to the best benefit. They take exceedingly small (35mm) space for installation.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

25mm & 50mm Aluminium Venetian shade Available In Dubai

Aluminum Venetian shade is a perfect use for your kitchen and office barrier. Do you want to mix the color? This blind blends elegance and simplicity, practical versatility, and function. We have a wide range of powder-coated, metallic, designer, and perforated colors. Two kinds of aluminum slate available one are 25 mm and the other one 50 mm slats gives a wide range of unique design solutions.

The aluminum shade will give strength, easy maintenance, and long life. We are using the same color ladder tape, cords, bottom, and headrail. The mechanism of these blinds is handy in terms of shading, privacy, and safety. They offer an affordable and flexible option for covering either very small or large windows. Metal Venetian shade, Motorized Venetian curtains are High-grade powder-coated aluminum.

Aliminium Venetian Blinds 25mm

Powder-coated aluminum comes with various color combinations. These blinds can give you privacy and light control both & know more.

Aliminium Venetian Blinds 25mm

Double Glazing Venetian Blinds

Window shade For Home, Modern Window Treatments

Double glazed windows with Venetian curtains products using shades, windows, doors. Broad diversification of double-glazed windows with Venetian blinds options are available. You can also choose from entry doors, sliding doors—double glazed made with 25mm & 50mm slats, equipped with a flip back use.

BlindsDxb blinds units have been available for trusted suppliers and Hendel around the UAE for many years. However, it has now explicitly stated a new modern blind system for society. We can see the residential window sector using the same technology. BlindsDxB is a patented system with manual or motorized control. We are raising and tilting function for Venetian shade held within double glazing systems.


  1. Completely dust-free environment
  2. The blinds need no cleaning
  3. Protected from harm
  4. Add enhanced sun-shading innovations
  5. Enhances the u-value of a sealed unit

Combined blinds are ready in various colors and adjust in either a Venetian or a pleated type.

How do you get your Venetian Blinds treatments at BlindsDxB ?

We hold more than thousands of color and textured fabrics for venetian window treatments. Firstly, our expert team will bring all the available options for your home. Secondly, you can choose at a convenient time by scheduling an online appointment. Thirdly, and most importantly, for faster service, you can call us directly on 06-744-4845. In other words, You can select your own and request a sample before getting the job done thoroughly. After that, we will be happy to see you satisfied before getting a complete job. In conclusion, this is our vision.