Sunscreen Roller Blinds For Window

Sunscreen roller blinds a layer of fabric that helps you to get sufficient light. Why! Because in daylight, any person’s productivity will be higher than artificial light. So now, the question is, how can be made to measure we control sunlight? Sunscreen roller shades blocked up to 80% of the sun and the sun’s harmful UV rays and significantly reduced air conditioning costs. This type of blind is beneficial to protect against excessive heat and for people with allergies.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Custom Made To Measure Sunscreen Roller Blinds In Dubai.

Sunscreen roller blinds are best for the office window and living area window.  Why! Because in daylight, any person’s productivity will be higher than artificial light. So now, the question is how we can control sunlight? Because direct sunlight will disturb working well, cannot see a computer screen, heat generation increases, AC cannot perform well.

Sunscreen fabric: –
We usually can divide sunscreen fabric into two notable parts
1. Silver backing
2. Normal screen.

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Then there is an openness factor of the fabric 1% to 10%.

  •  What is Openness? How many percentages of holes available in that fabric. That is another way to control transparency.

Now you can decide how much light you want and get complete control from direct daylight protection.

Our full range of fabric and color selection, openness factors will help you to optimize the natural light. And it will help your office or shop to save energy consumption for your business.

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Benafit & Specification

The Key Benefit Of Sunscreen Roller Blinds And It's Specification

Depending area of the building’s exterior and its use of the season, sunlight must be refined to a higher or lesser degree to avoid glare. The thicker and darker the fabric, or if it has a silvery side, the more effectively control the glare; vice versa, a light-colored cloth should be selected beside a material with a high openness factor to favor natural light. Natural light increases the building’s energy performance, improves the well-being of its tenants, and increases productivity. Verosol is a prestigious sunscreen fabric supplies.  

Solar screen fabrics:

Solar screen fabrics play an essential role in bioclimatic exterior; they were directly impacting energy waste related to the use of air conditioning and heating in the building.

Fabrics for external blinds offer better thermal strength because of the solar distribution. Which is partly occupied by the material before reaching the glazing. It is reflected outwards dark colors protect better against the heat than light colors because they get much solar energy.

There are some great benefits of have sunscreen roller blinds as your window treatments. 

Few of them are as:-

  • Great mechanical protection can be placed under tension without shape to create shapes and sizes.
  • Unique dimensional resistance, thanks to the raw material: glass.
  • Does not go out of shape when shown to heat.
  • Colour fastness to light: shown to sunlight, and since UV, fabrics remain color-fast over time.
  • Decline of the building’s energy using
  • Visual comfort
  • Interior air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustic performance
  • Cut in CO2 emissions

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What You Can Expect From Us About Your Sunscreen Roller Shades

Conversely, light colours are more active indoors. They consume less heat and reflect it more than dark colours. Moreover, low-radiation fabrics reduce the feeling of warmth given off by the windows. In summer, solar shield fabrics favour energy savings by restricting air conditioning.

Solar screen fabrics have an insulating effect on glass. It will help reduce heat loss at night while battling the cooling impact of glass during the day. They are used as interior blinds to control light energy control optimized as the zero-cost effect of the sun is partly maintained.

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Wrapping Up:

We have almost every collection of sunscreen roller blinds either it is for a residential windows or office windows. Book appointment or call us to schedule your free home visit today. Our professional blinds and curtains representative will bring all the available option to your doorstep. While our representative will take measurements certainly you can browse our catalogues to choose your favourite fabrics for the sunscreen blinds.