Blackout Curtains For Window

Blackout curtains usually help us to block direct sunlight. Its best service in the bedroom, where complete darkness is essential. This window treatment allows us to get our maximum privacy without failing to provide a modern design. Most interior designers preferred and loved to design. And match the window curtains with the existing furniture, sofa, wardrobe, and, most importantly, the wall color.

sunblock drapes

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are window treatments that usually help us to block direct and indirect sunlight. Sunblock drapes help us to get our maximum privacy without they are failing to provide a modern design. Most interior designers preferred and loved to design and match the window curtains with the existing furniture, sofa, wardrobe, and, most importantly, the wall color.


The benefit of using Blackout Draperies

The benefits of blackout draperies are significant in window treatments.

  • Curtains blackout to block direct and indirect daylight.
  • Block harmful UV rays of sunlight.
  • It especially completes the privacy of livings in examples like in a bedroom.
  • Blocks direct sunlight from entering a house, so it reduces heat generation in a room.
  • So effectively, it saves energy when air conditioning is on in a place.
  • Visual comfort: we can precisely choose our style and texture to match our existing furniture, accessories, and wall color.
  • Most importantly, sunblock curtains help to reduce noise and sound.

Types available of Sunblock Curtains and Drapes in Dubai

According to the mechanism and fabric, several types of blackout drapes we are supplying in Dubai. For example, pull track curtains, pinch pleat curtains are the mechanism difference. And depending on the fabric using, we can divide the blackout drapes into two major categories.

  1.  Self Blackout Curtains 
  2. Sunblock Lined Up Curtains.

Self Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Self-Sunblock drapes and curtains. We have heard this term very often choosing the window curtains when an expert consults with us. These fabrics are designed in a way to block sunlight and protect privacy. The materials are less weight than the blackout-lined-up curtains. The chemical layer of the self blackout fabric block lights 100%. Some of our fabrics are washable and easy to clean. They are much more cost-effective than blackout-lined-up curtains.

Blackout Lined up window Shades and Drapes in Dubai

White blackout lined curtains: A Sunblock fabric is lined up with the regular window curtains to block the daylight. Several benefits of using outage lined up drapes, like you have a thousand and thousand fabrics to choose from for your window treatments. Most importantly, your existing regular curtains can be blackout with lined-up blackout fabric.


Best suitable rooms for Blackout Drapes and Curtains

The bedroom is the priority for blackout curtains and draperies. But we have seen some other important use of blackout shade such as in a theatre, cinema hall, and a giant projection room. Sometimes we use it in our living room to get rid of direct daylight and the glare of sunlight. Parenting is hard, and kids often love to sleep in the daytime. Blackout drapes help them to get a good sleep in the daylight.

How we make the blackout curtains to block sunlight effectively

There are several ways to hang blackout drapes in a window. To block sunlight or daylight effectively, we must have to understand the curtain hanging position first.

      • However, a measurement for window curtains is very crucial. See our measurements guide on how to measure a window for perfect fit blinds and curtains.
      • Outside frame installation of a window: To block sunlight from the window’s edges, you need to overlap the window recess fabric.
      • Inside installation: Blackout shades and drapes in an inside window in very typical works. Because we generally can not control the light from the edges of curtains or shades without using extra accessories. So in BlindsDxB, we use a method to block the sunlight from the edges. We use Velcro to prevent the edge lightly. We stick on the wall, and the female side on the curtains’ side edges on the male side.
      • We recommend making your curtains from the ceiling to the floor. So we can control the light as much as possible from the upside and bottom.

Nowadays, why a new trend in the market that is every customer using or prefer blackout fabric?

The maximum time in a year here is hot weather in UAE. Bright sunlight increase hit inside the room. So it is damages your costly furniture life, and most importantly, AC did not work perfectly.

To block unwanted sunlight and hit everyone, chooses blackout curtains. Sunblock curtains help you to block maximum sunlight. As well as hit and harmful UV rays so automatically air condition can work properly. You can save your utility bill.

Before usually, we are using blackout lining to convert a standard fabric to sunblocking curtains. Thankfully nowadays, a lot of collections available in the self blackout fabric.

Almost every textile company increases curtains blackout collection. To get protection for hot weather and maximum privacy, blackout curtains most people prefer. For this many reasons, blackout fabric has become a trend in the local market.

Go through our previous work

You are curious to know how we have done with our prestigious clients. Please see the below pictures of the blackout curtains. These are the very few works or our showroom collection we have attached here. To view our complete selection and work portfolio asks a representative to visit you. You are always welcome to our showroom. Our sales representatives are okay warming and informative.