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Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Made To Measure Wooden Blinds - Supply And Installation In Dubai‎

Actual wood slats give the main body of these window applications. They may look simple, but picking the right slat size for you change the visible image of your wooden blinds. Here at BlindsDxB, we offer our made-to-measure wooden blinds in 25mm and 50mm widths. What size you choose falls entirely down to personal choice, but here are some of the main differences you’ll find between the different options.

As with any internal design selection, color is an essential factor to make. Your choice will likely be affected by the other house accessories you wish. And the wide variety of various opportunities help any interior stylist to tie a room mutually effortlessly.

Wooden Blinds

It is necessary to keep in understanding that natural wood specks can add charming and rustic beauty. Thus, the majority of the colors we have here at Lifestyle Blinds are variations of brown. Cream and beige through to dark wood choices – all styles have a great value and can be styled effortlessly into your house.

Wood Blinds

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Turn up in any home, and you’re near on guaranteed to see white use about in the interior design. Unusual people opt for a full white-out, joining with their inner calm and creating a modern and understated room.

Others practice it sparingly, as stressing highlights to get other colors pop. Still, its use, white home accessories make a powerful charge. And, white wooden blinds are no different. They’re pretty much the epiphany of this concept.

An image showing white wooden blinds fitted in a neutral-colored bathroom