Eyelet Curtains​ For Window

BlindsDxB provides the best solution for eyelet curtains in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. With a double rod, you can install the sheer and main fabric as well. Our professional installation team will install your ring top neat and clean. But the Sheer fabric is better to make with hook tape and a hook system, so it will help you operate your main eyelet draperies smoothly.

ring top curtains

What are Eyelet Curtains ​?

Eyelet curtains are a kind of manually operated window drapes, fashionable and make a breathing feature of a window. Simple to stretch and designed to produce complete pleats in a seamless drape, eyelet shades make the perfect complement to any stylish home. Ring Top curtains create the deep folds of fabric, which run in uniform lines from top to bottom. Eyelet curtains hang from a steel rod, and the curtains run through eyelets or rings. Eyelet draperies are the cheap and best window treatment in Dubai. Simple mechanism, easy to fix, no maintenance, looks very elegant.

We provide Ready-Made Eyelet Curtains, which are also available in Block-out & Lined Eyelet Shades.


Why should you use blackout Eyelet Curtains​ ?

A blackout eyelet curtains use either a self-blackout fabric or material or an opaque lining with regular curtains cloth.

Fade-out ring top shades are available in two types.

  1. Self Blackout ring-top Curtains
  2. Blackout Lining ring-top Curtains

Requirement of blackout lining

Many alternatives are available in the textile industry in conventional curtains fabric in color, pattern, fabric types like silk, linen, cotton, satin velvet, and many more. Still, they do not come in a direct blackout option. Here comes the lining option, where we can use the traditional cloth to make the curtains blackout. So you can enjoy your choice with the dim-out option.

Eyelets varieties available in Dubai

We can essentially divide eyelets into three categories:

  •  Steel ring

 A steel ring is a metal ring available in various coated epoxy colors. The epoxy coat prevents the rush on metal when you are using it for your outdoor window treatment.

  •  Plastic ring

A plastic ring is a synthetic ring available in various colors coat. Its best use in indoor window treatment.

  •  Fabric loop

The fabric loop we can make it using the same material which we are using for the drapes.


The benefit of using eyelet draperies:

  • Ring curtains have a straightforward mechanism.
  • Eyelet draperies thousand types of designs available.
  •  A significant margin is of color available in the market.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Easy to operate from made to measurement.
  • The ring top is effortless to open for washing.
  • Eyelet curtains have an excellent heading style which shows off an attractive fold.
  • Ring curtains are easy to install.

Do eyelet curtains look cheap?

Certainly not, one of the best looking curtains in this industry. Made-to-measure is showing their perfect fold that is viewing very attractive. Suppose someone is looking for the best uniform fold from top to bottom. Then eyelet draperies an ideal curtain to fulfill the requirement.

Please go through our previous work.

You are interested to know how we have done with our prestigious clients. Please see the below photos ring top curtains. These are the very few works or the showroom samples we have attached here. To view BlindsDxB complete selection and work portfolio asks a representative to visit you. You are always welcome to our showroom. Our sales representatives are healthy, warming and informative.