BlindsDxB provides the best solution for eyelet curtains in Dubai. Straightforward installation, and with a double rod, you can install sheer and main both fabric. But the sheer fabric has to make by hook tape and hook. It will not disturb you while you are going to operate the shades.

Eyelet Curtains​

Ready-Made Eyelet Curtains Available also Blackout & Lined Eyelet Shades.

Eyelet draperies are an elegant and clean, elegant, and modern look, the fold of the fabric show off perfect and give a lovely look to a plain or design fabric. This type is the cheap and best windows treatment solution. 

Simple mechanism, easy to fix, no maintenance, looks very elegant with the double rod you can install both main and sheer. Simple to stretch and designed to produce full pleats in a seamless drape, eyelet shades make the perfect complement to any stylish home.


Our variety of ready-made ring curtains are available in an extensive type of colors, patterns, and sizes, from involved and reduced grey eyelet curtains to clear and active ochre eyelet curtains and everything in within. Curtains incorporate attractive colors such as white, pink, blue-cream, green, navy, teal, black, and even silver and gold.

Blackout Eyelet Curtains​

Blackout Eyelet Curtains And Made To Measure Service

Design a lovely focal spot with our eyelet draperies, or design a comfortable lair with our and crushed velour eyelet draperies. For something fresh and modern, opt for out patterned eyelet drapes. For curtains that look fabulous and help you get a more significant night’s sleep, scan our selection of eyelet draperies, meant to stop hated outside light from invading your home while crafted in attractive patterns and organizations to improve your décor. 

Blackout eyelet draperies also have the combined advantage of accommodating to control the temperature in the room. We also have a great selection of blackout eyelet draperies to help your little ones safely find the land of nod.

Our eyelet curtains are available in an extensive type of diameters and drops to revise a variety of window sizes. That made to measure service package that gives you beautiful eyelet draperies that have that personal touch.

Eyelet curtains one kind of manual operated windows treatment. An eyelet top of the fabric and hangs by a rod. Eyelet drapes are the most selling product in curtains industries. BlindsDxB provides the best solution for eyelet curtains in Dubai. Straightforward installation, and with a double rod, you can install sheer and main both fabric. But the sheer fabric has to make by hook tape and hook. It will not disturb you while you are going to operate the shades.

  • A straightforward mechanism.
  • Very easy to install your curtains.
  • No maintenance.
  • Get perfect fold.
  • Easy to open for washing.

First, we cut the fabric as per your choice. BlindsDxB has a massive collection of material. Choose your fabric as per your furniture and wall color. Then our expert tailor stitching from four sides. Then we cut the hole to put the eyelet. BlindsDxB has a massive selection of all kinds of eyelet colors available. We can match your chosen fabric. Then finally select your rod done!

We can mostly divide eyelet shades into three categories: steel ring, plastic ring, and fabric loop. The steel ring is coated with kinds of epoxy. So you can use this outdoor and worry about getting a rush. The plastic ring makes with a color coating. The fabric loop we can make it using the same material or as per your choice.

The steel ring is metal coatings with kinds of epoxy. It usually comes with silver color. But other colors also available with some modern facilities. Such as epoxy, polyurethane, and moisture cure urethane. The most used color is silver and metallic.

The plastic ring is the most commonly used product in the eyelet curtains industries. The plastic rings are made of plastic and color coated. We have available plastin ring in a different color, like white, black, brown, golden, green, purple, and silver. For the color availability, they are well-matched with fabric selection.

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BlindsDxB is supplying the best loop top draperies. This kind of loop looks-wise, exquisite because of the same fabric to make loops. Excellently fabricated from 100% cotton or 100% linen and hemmed with a 15cm loop at the top.

We can use Eyelet drapes and sheer for every room except bedroom. Because with this mechanism, we can’t be able to make targeted blackout reason top hole for eyelet. Suppose this situation is not troubling you. We can use it everywhere at home, Especially the living room, drawing-room, and bedroom.

You are interested to know how we have done with our prestigious clients. Please see the below photos. These are the very few works or the showroom samples we have attached here. To view our complete selection and work portfolio, asks a representative to visit you. You are always welcome to our showroom. Our sales representatives are well warming and informative.

How do you get your eyelet curtains at BlindsDxB ?

We have more than thousands of color and textured fabrics for blackout or non-black out eyelet curtains window treatments. Our professional team will bring all the available options for your home. You can choose at a suitable time by scheduling an online appointment. Alternatively, for faster service, you can call us directly on 06-744-4845. You can select your own and request a sample before getting the job done thoroughly. We will be glad to see you happy before getting a complete job.