BlindsDxB accommodates the best solution for window treatment. According to home furniture, choose a perfect color. Sunblock roller blinds provide high levels of light control (0%), energy efficiency, and privacy. With our side channel block, sunlight maximum window coverings.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Manual And Motorized Sunblock And Privacy For Window Treatments.

Roller curtains divide into two categories. One is sunscreen roller blinds, and the other one is blackout roller blinds. Sunscreen fabric gives you a transparent to dim out facility. You can choose the openness factor (openness factor means how many percentages of the hole in that fabric provide). 1% to 10% accordingly offer the best solution of light control as per your need.

Blackout roller blinds provides high levels of light control (0%), energy efficiency, and privacy. When you are a decision to choose roller blinds, and how much natural light you want to be coming into the room. Blackout roller blinds block almost natural light from enter into the room. 

Blackout Roller Blinds

An excellent choice could be for the bedroom. Where you are need privacy also, kids’ room, media room, meeting room, projector room.

Blackout Roller shade
Sun block And Privacy Roller Blinds

Made to measure blackout roller blinds with a very colossal colour choose.

For clever technique, our Plain Blackout Roller Shade allows you to control both light distribution and privacy. With a range of beautiful colors available. They are an attractive improvement to any room – individually bedrooms for the perfect night’s sleep.

Our designed Sunblock And Privacy Roller Blinds revise the rule books in terms of style. Including using technique and moving, they are a useful addition to any room and help you to control the level of light in your home throughout the day and night.

The essential part of roller shades is that the fabric that is visible. BlindsDxB offers you a massive collection of structure and texture. Our expert sales representative will explain the benefit and specification of the material as per your choice.

Roller Blinds Mechanism And Fabric

Best Blinds Supplier In Dubai For Office Window And Home Window.

Let’s get some idea about how a roller blind works with components and fabric. Basically, aluminum tube, control or the swindler, bracket, chain, bottom bar, and material are the main component that needed for a roller blinds.

Side-channel, U-Channel, or Side guides are the same kind of product with the same purpose. If we are installing blinds inside a window frame by default (because of control and bracket breadth), there will be a slight gap between fabric and sidewall.

Roller Blinds Control and chain

Stop light from edges

We need more accurate light control and privacy to stop light from the edges; we use those side guides and channels. The box called fascia or cassette appears at the top of the blinds, including an enclosure. The perfect use for a blackout roller blinds to make your place blocking the sunlight up to 93% to 95%. It is possible to make a room 100% dark, but it depends on the site’s condition and the window treatment requirements.

Blackout roller blinds are the best window treatment for privacy. It is very needful to keep the darkness in the room in the daytime. Roller shades are the best product and most selling products in the blinds industry.

  • No gathering hazard, enjoy your full outside view.
  • Roll it up, no unwanted visibility of your curtains whenever you want to hide.


Lots of colors available choose your perfect shade according to your furniture and wall color. BlindsDxB is the best blackout roller blinds supplier in Dubai.

  • Blackout roller shades are giving you the best light control and privacy. 
  • Very user friendly.
  • No maintenance.
  • Operation simple with a chain.
  • It blocks harmful UV rays of sunlight.
  • Lots of variety available according to your needs.
  • So effectively, it saves energy when air conditioning is on in a place.
  • Blackout roller shades are also a perfect used for offices or computer rooms, where daylight can reflect off computer screens and begin trouble and distraction.

When we think about blocking the sunlight, it is evident that some shade will prevent the maximum daylight. BlindsDxB is the best blackout roller blinds in Dubai. With some accessories, we can make it up to 100% dark in your room.

  • Side-channel: if we install the blinds inside the window. There will be a slight gap between fabric and sidewall. Side-channel will help us to stope sunlight about 85 to 90 %.
  • Zipper channel: this is an advanced version of side-channel. Used for the same purpose, but it will help to make it to 95 to 98 %.
  • Pocket and enclosure: to complete our task, this is the ultimate accessories to make your roll 100 % blocking the sunlight.

Manufacture a made to measure blackout roller blinds basic model by a tube, control, bottom, and chain. Then it is developed for perfect products to maximize performance and accuracy.
There is a lot of systems available in the market to make a perfect solution for blackout blinds. Most of the suppliers use cassette systems to block the light from the top. And it also looks great with these accessories.
Pocket and enclosure, the same concept but the advance model. Best use for a commercial project.

Types of a blackout roller shade in Dubai fabric wise variation only is there. Otherwise, it is an essential solution to make your room dark. According to fabric types, we have lots of variety.

Then comes with accessaries here. We can have some types to make it a perfect product. 

  • cassette systems
  • Side-channel
  • Zipper channel
  • Pocket and enclosure

With all accessaries, this product will be a perfect solution for privacy and daylight control.

BlindsDxB is well known for its motorized roller curtains. Motorized shades make a comfortable room as well as you have an option to automatically and effortlessly operate your curtains. Using electric blinds provide your child safety rather than a cord managed pull track curtain system. We have the best and cheapest solution for home automation. Please send your queries and get quotation almost with a few our at [email protected]

Think about where we are feeling more disturbing for sunlight. Where sunlight directly comes in and damages your display product like a shopfront, computer room, conference room, bedroom, office, and a meeting room. Sometimes we are using it to our living room to get rid of direct daylight and glare of sunlight.

How do you get your blackout roller treatments at BlindsDxB ?

We hold more than thousands of color and textured fabrics for blackout window treatments. Firstly, our expert team will bring all the available options for your home. Secondly, you can choose at a convenient time by scheduling an online appointment. Thirdly, and most importantly, for faster service, In addition, you can call us directly on 06-744-4845. In other words, You can select your own and request a sample before getting the job done thoroughly. After that, we will be happy to see you satisfied before getting a complete job. In conclusion, this is our vision.

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